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Institutional Grade Security For Your Assets

Lendingblock employs state of the art technology and processes to ensure maximum security for your digital assets

Military grade, insured storage solution from Copper
Enhanced individual account security
KYT checks on all transfers
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Integration with Copper

We have partnered with Copper, a leading cold storage solutions provider, to store user funds that are not locked up in Earn/Borrow, and are available for immediate withdrawal.

Multisig wallet control
MPC technology and multi-signature wallets ensure that no single party can withdraw without the consent of other key holders.
Copper has a crime insurance policy that is brokered by Aon and supported by a panel of S&P A+ rated insurers in the Lloyd’s of London insurance market, coverage for up to $10m.
Segregated assets
Lendingblock user funds are segregated and separate from Copper’s other clients, mitigating any risks associated with comingling of assets.
Individual account security

On the individual account level, we employ the below measures to ensure maximum protection. 

Mandatory 2FA
2FA is automatically enabled from signup and enforced throughout.
Whitelisted addresses
Withdrawal addresses need to be whitelisted and approved by 2FA.
Email confirmations
New device log-in attempts need to be confirmed via email.
Secure against brute force attacks
Implemented counter-brute force measures.
Safe and secure
Employed processes against social engineering attack vectors.
Checks on all withdrawals
All withdrawal requests are handled by humans and processed within 24 hours.

Partnership with Chainalysis 

We have been working with Chainalysis since 2019 (partnership initially announced here) to perform “know your transaction” (KYT) checks on all deposits and withdrawals going through the Lendingblock platform. 

Chainalysis is a leading provider of blockchain analytics services and gives us the necessary tools to comply with AML policies, fight financing of illicit activities and prevent digital assets that are proceeds of crime from entering our ecosystem.

Comprehensive Security Audits

Since the launch of the Lendingblock retail offering, we have successfully carried out in-depth internal and external security audits of our technology. 

Internal security testing has been carried out by the experienced team at Ulam Labs, which involved unit testing, denial of service, load testing and other potential attack vectors. 

An external security audit has been carried out by Bulletproof and Defense.com, which included extensive penetration testing and confirmed there were no critical, high or medium level vulnerabilities. The public version of the Bulletproof security audit can be found here

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