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LND Boost Requirements - March 2022
Platform News
Feb 28, 2022

We are publishing the new Boost tier requirements for the month of March 2022.

By 1st of March, you will need to stake the below number of LNDs to qualify for the respective tiers.

For Gold rates and perks, you will need to hold 2,100,000 or more tokens to qualify.

For Silver rates and perks, you will need to hold 450,000 or more tokens to qualify.

For Bronze rate and perks, you will need to hold 35,000 or more tokens to qualify.


As of the time of the calculation, there are 299,527,736 LND tokens being staked on the Lendingblock platform.

To derive the above numbers, we've taken the decision to exclude a number of large LND holders who are associated with the company from the calculation methodology. This decision was made because a handful of users drastically skew the Gold tier requirements upwards. After the exclusion, looking at the remaining users, we then took the 90th percentile balance (for Gold), 75th percentile balance (for Silver) and 50th percentile balance (for Bronze).

Next steps

If you would like to top-up your LND balance to qualify for a new tier, then you can deposit more LND tokens. The amount you require for each tier is displayed on the Rewards page once you are logged in.

The new LND Boost required amounts will come into play on the 1st of March and will not change until 1st of April.