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What is Borrow and Cryptocurrency Borrowing?

Borrow, or cryptocurrency loans, is a key offering from Lendingblock’s crypto borrowing platform. Borrow allows you to use your Bitcoin or Ethereum as collateral and get instant USDT loans with no credit checks. This way you can leverage your crypto holdings without selling and get access to dollar-backed stablecoin. 

Here’s how cryptocurrency borrowing works on the Lendingblock platform:


To get started, you can create an account and deposit the Bitcoin or Ethereum that you intend to use as collateral for your USDT loan. Our crypto loans have a duration of 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. The starting loan-to-value ratio (LTV) is displayed when the loan is being created so you know exactly how much stablecoin you can borrow with your Bitcoin and Ethereum 


After creating your Borrow loan, the USDT becomes available to you immediately. You can then do whatever you want with it! Withdraw it, trade it or lock it up in an Earn. The base interest rate for your crypto loan stays the same for the full duration of the term, and can only go down if you qualify for a Boost tier. We are able to offer very competitive interest rates for crypto borrowing because we have more lenders than borrowers on our platform


During your cryptocurrency loan, you will see the updated LTV ratio in real time and if it reaches a certain level, you might need to top up your balance with additional collateral. The principal and the full interest is due to be repaid at the end of the crypto loan. Lendingblock Borrow USDT loans are unique in that all of the interest is due at the end of the loan, unlike other crypto borrowing platforms that require weekly/monthly interest payments

Why Use Lendingblock’s Borrow?

No hidden fees
We don't charge origination fees or monthly servicing fees for our Borrow crypto loans. We strongly believe that's how your crypto borrowing platform should be - transparent, borrower-friendly and with instant loans
No credit checks
When taking out your crypto loan for USDT, we do not carry out credit checks and there is no need to provide any information about your credit history. Crypto borrowers, regardless of credit score, can get instant loans with their Bitcoin and Ethereum as collateral
One simple repayment
Unlike other crypto borrowing platforms, our Borrow loans are unique because all of the interest and principal repayment is due at the end of the loan. This way, you don’t have to worry about making weekly/monthly interest payments to maintain your Borrow crypto loan
Bulletproof Collateral Management
We have spent years and invested significant resources into perfecting our institutional-grade collateral management system. After taking out a Borrow crypto loan, you can be confident that your Bitcoin or Ethereum collateral is secure. LTV is updated in real time and collateral top-ups are managed correctly in times of market stress
Next Level Margin Handling
As a crypto borrowing platform, we realise that taking out a crypto loan can be challenging and that is why we have a top tier margin handling system implemented for all Borrows. In the case of a margin call, additional collateral is topped up automatically from the platform account balance. Equally, any excess collateral is also automatically released from the Borrow loan, so you can put your money to work elsewhere
Decentralized Pricing Feed
We have successfully integrated with Chainlink’s pricing feed with our borrowing platform, which takes in Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT pricing data from a collection of trusted oracles. This mitigates the risk of pricing collateral from a single provider and avoids accidental margin calls of Borrow crypto loans due to price data glitches
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Rates include 20% Gold Discount
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Better Crypto Borrowing with LND Boost
Hold LND in your account and enjoy the benefits for all of your Borrow crypto loans. Qualify for lower interest rates when you Borrow USDT with your Bitcoin and Ethereum, cast your vote on how to prioritise future plans, and more
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