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Earn Interest Safely and Securely

Welcome to the new Lendingblock, now for individuals and institutions. We've worked hard developing a core platform that is trusted by regulators and publically traded financial services firms, and we're excited to bring the same high standards to individuals everywhere.

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Safe and Secure
Built from the ground up to the same high standards demanded by professionals and global regulators
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Simple and speedy
Complete our sixty second signup and get going fast
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Real rewards
A new token model is at the heart of the new Lendingblock, one which recognises and rewards both users and holders
Earn Crypto Interest
If you’re a true believer in crypto, then Earning passive interest on your Bitcoin or Ethereum investments while you HODL is a safe and secure way to extra income. When crypto prices are rising, your investments grow even more. If prices fall, the interest you are Earning will reduce the pain. If you’re not Earning, you’re missing out

Reasons To Earn With Lendingblock

Best Rates
Lendingblock offers the most competitive rates in the cryptocurrency lending market. Lock your Bitcoin, Ethereum or USDT for 1, 3, or 6 months, then sit back and enjoy passive income of up to 12%, paid in kind every month. What’s more, your interest rate is guaranteed to remain the same throughout, giving you an income you can rely on.

Plus, qualify for Gold tier by staking LND to Boost your rate by 20%!
No Limits
Unlike Celsius, Nexo and BlockFi, Lendingblock does not impose low caps or limits on the amount you can lock up at our best rates. However much you deposit, the interest you Earn on your Bitcoin and Ethereum deposits remains the same. What’s more, your crypto interest is paid in the same digital currency you invest, rather than a platform token.
Monthly Payouts
When you lock up your Bitcoin or Ethereum with Lendingblock, the interest you earn on your digital assets is paid monthly. This means you receive a regular and safe crypto interest income that you can invest, sell, or withdraw immediately.
Borrow Stablecoin
If you’re a Bitcoin or Ethereum HODLer who wants cash but doesn’t want to cash out, Borrowing stablecoins using your digital assets as collateral is a simple and safe way to unlock the value of your investments. Whether you want to fund regular expenses, pay for a major purchase, or invest in more crypto, the choice is yours
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Reasons To Borrow With Lendingblock

Great Rates & Loan to Value
Our interest rates are the best in the cryptocurrency borrowing market, with the highest loan to value ratio, meaning you can borrow more and pay less. Borrow USDT stablecoins for 1, 3 or 6 months, with the security of a fixed interest rate that won’t go up during your loan.

Plus, qualify for Gold tier to discount your rate by 20%! 
Single Simple Payment
Unlike crypto backed loans from other lenders, you don’t need to make regular payments during your loan. One simple payment at the end of the fixed includes principal and interest, making it easy and predictable to settle up. Once your stablecoin loan is repaid, your Bitcoin or Ethereum collateral is automatically released for you to access.
Instant Approval
Borrowing stablecoins using your crypto as collateral couldn’t be simpler. No credit checks are needed, just deposit BTC or ETH, and get instant approval to borrow stablecoin up to 50% of the value of your crypto collateral. What’s more, the USDT you borrow is instantly available to withdraw, or use to buy more digital assets. Crypto borrowing couldn’t be simpler.
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