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Securities lending for digital assets

Bringing securities lending to the digital asset economy through a professional trading exchange designed for institutional needs


Generate enhanced yield on a broad portfolio of digital assets.


Access to institutional counterparties and a broad selection of high quality digital asset and cryptocurrency markets


Bridge liquidity gaps through an institutional pool of digital assets to implement your market making or short strategies


Professional counterparties, KYC & AML, pre-trade checks, enforceable lending contracts, cold storage, segregated funds and forensic coin analysis ensure safety and security of your funds

Built for institutional investors

Whether you’re a hedge fund, exchange, asset manager, trader, miner or market maker, the Lendingblock exchange can help you find liquidity, generate additional yield, facilitate arbitrage strategies, settle shorts and capture directional views of market participants.

Lending Marketplace

Lend or borrow any digital asset through access to securities lending in the crypto markets. All loans are arranged on a transparent basis on the Lendingblock order book.

Loan Lifecycle Management

Post-trade lifecycle is automated and includes off-exchange settlement, cold storage of funds, collateral monitoring, margin management, default and liquidation. Reporting tools can be downloaded for record keeping and reconciliation.


Access the exchange functionality and market and user data in real-time; integrate your trading and back-office applications with Lendingblock’s infrastructure.

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